Yossi Varsano is a music producer and arranger with 30 years of experience in the ultra-Orthodox music market. Since 1993 he has been the owner of Encore Studios in Kings of Israel in Jerusalem, the first studio established specifically for the needs of ultra-Orthodox society. Over the years, this studio has produced hundreds of albums and tens of thousands of songs by leading artists among the ultra-Orthodox audience.

Since its establishment in 1993, Yossi Varsano’s studio has produced hundreds of albums and tens of thousands of songs by leading artists among the ultra-Orthodox public. Artists such as Avi Piamenta, Netanel Israel, Gadi Elbaz, Mendy Gropi, Benny Friedman, Eli Ertzlich, Yossi Berger, Akiva Margaliot, Dov Handler and Menachem Toker, among others, have enjoyed his professional and elite services.

Yossi Varsano’s studio also produced children’s films for Nocha Fuchs, role models who became beloved among ultra-Orthodox children.
All production is carried out in accordance with ultra-Orthodox regulations and the special religious tradition of ultra-Orthodox society in Israel.

Thanks to 30 years of professional experience and a wide ladder of success, Yossi Varsano influenced the ultra-Orthodox musical scene and contributed to its improvement and simplification. The music produced at Encore Studios reached the ears of the general public and the Jewish audience in general, and contributed to the growth and success of well-known musicians and artists in the Haredi world.

In addition to his experience as a music producer and arranger, Yossi Varsano also plays keyboards in the Encore Orchestra. He has participated in more than 7500 events and celebrations throughout Israel and the world, providing the perfect musical medium for any event.

With all this experience and professionalism, Yossi Varsano also opened a playback store, which allows you to produce perfect playbacks for your songs, and even produce original and quality songs according to customers’ request. He is committed to bringing out the best and meeting all your musical needs.

So if you visited him in the studio or want to produce your next song in excellent quality, Yossi Varsano is the right choice to invest in you and your musical creation.
With all the extensive experience in producing election broadcasts, singers, openings to programs of famous broadcasters, Yossi Varsano offers a professional and fast voiceover service with 166 languages and 84 presenters to choose from around the globe. In addition, we provide a compelling video presentation, with in-depth research of your market and professional copywriting. We guarantee high quality and reliable service. Our voiceover team is skilled in diverse vocal representation and an in-depth understanding of different cultures and languages. We promise to provide you with the perfect result that will help you achieve your goals. For more information and to go to the orders page,
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Encore Orchestra by Yossi Varsano

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