Regulations of the “Varsano Playback” website:

The website “Varsano Playback” operates under the license of ACUM (the organization that preserves copyright in Israel). 12% of every playback purchase will be transferred directly to ACUM.

Use of the Website means acceptance and acceptance of the terms of use indicated below. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the site.

The site allows the user to purchase playbacks, products and a variety of services through the site, in a reliable, fast and convenient manner.

For each product offered for sale, product details are displayed, including its price.

After the transaction is performed, the credit card details will be checked and the order will be confirmed by the credit card companies, an appropriate notice will be given that the action has been approved and the order will be recorded on the site’s server and on Joseph Varsano’s computers. The charge may be made to the credit card after the transaction has been performed.

In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit card companies, the order will not take effect and will not obligate Yosef Varsano to supply the product.

  1. It is not possible to cancel a transaction after purchasing the playback.
  2. Playbacks are the private property of the site owners, and it is forbidden to trade them or replace them with other playbacks.
  3. It is forbidden to share the playback with a person or third party that is not related to the specific production for which you purchased the playback.
  4. Do not use a drum channel to produce a new playback that has nothing to do with the song you purchased or sell or transfer.
  5. The Varsano Playback website operates under the license of ACUM (the organization that preserves copyright in Israel) and 12% of every playback purchase will be transferred directly to ACUM.
  6. Product Supply Policy

The playback will be sent to the customer after payment confirmation immediately and no later than 24 hours

To the email in which the customer registered and placed the order

The voiceover / business geagle product will be sent to the customer after payment confirmation and text / copywriting confirmation

No later than 24 hours to the email in which the customer registered and placed the order

Product warranty

The responsibility of the site for the playback service sold on it, Yossi Varsano provides you with the original playback while maintaining professionalism, if there is any defect / malfunction in the playback, the customer must write an organized email to the address

and specify the location of the fault

Yossi Varsano undertakes to repair it, and if he cannot repair it, the money will be refunded in full


The store takes acceptable precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information. The store undertakes not to use the details of the customers registered on the site except for the purpose of operating the site only, and in order to enable the execution of the purchase.

Playbacks Reuse – Reuse Setting:

Reuse of playback is permitted, but only for recording studio owners, who have purchased or purchased playback in the past and wish to reuse it for further recording of the song.

The playbacks on our site are intended for one-time personal and private use. Before using playback again, read our regulations carefully.

Reuse Regulations for Private Customers:

Reuse price: 75 NIS.

4.1 Private client, institution, school Producer who purchased playback on the site and want to use it again to record another song will have to pay a reuse price.

4.2 It is forbidden and impossible for a private customer, institution, school producer who has purchased playback on the site to share or transfer to another person. If someone else requests the playback you purchased on the site, they must purchase it directly from the site or transfer to you the full price that appears on the site.

4.3 If you perform the same song in two different versions, for example in Hebrew and English, there is no need to pay for reuse. But if the additional version is for profit, each additional version will have to be repaid.

4.4 A singer who has purchased playback for a public performance does not undertake to pay for reuse.

4.5 When playback is used for a Koolulam performance (mass singing with a recording on the playback), it will be necessary to pay for each performance the regular price, i.e. the original price that appears on the site.

Reuse Regulations for Recording Studio Owners:

4.6 Recording studios that purchased playback for recording for a particular customer will receive a special benefit to record another customer at a price of 75 NIS (reuse). Of this amount, 12% is transferred to ACUM as copyright.

There is an obligation to pay for every recording of a song, even if the use is not for profit. However, in cases of recordings of songs for charities made voluntarily, the studio is willing to donate the playback.

Eligibility for playback reuse price exists only when the studio buys the playback for the first time, directly from the website or via bank transfer, at the regular price (the original price appearing on the site). The customer of a recording studio, despite purchasing the playback on the recommendation of the studio, is not entitled to a reuse price.

It is not possible to transfer the playback to the client separately from the song. If a customer requests the playback separately, he must purchase it from the site at its full price. In this case, recording studio owners lose their entitlement to a reuse discount on playback and must be repurchased.

A customer who wants to practice playback before recording, has the option of sending the playback with him, but with a “All rights reserved” message every 10 seconds, in the form of a recording sent to the customer.

It is forbidden to offer the customer a lower price than the price appearing on the site, when the customer came to playback through the site, because this harms the studio’s profit.

The reuse discount is only valid for recordings by private clients, such as songs from internal schools, summer camps, etc. If the recorded song is intended for external production or commercial use (such as renting the recorded song to institutions, etc.), the customer will be produced for full payment by purchasing the playback on the site, in which case there is no reuse discount, even if the owner of a recording studio previously purchased the playback for another customer.

A singer who owns a recording studio and has purchased playback for recording a song and uses it for public performance must pay for a one-time reuse.

The customer must pay for reuse, even if the use is made only of the chorus or a small part of the playback.

A reuse discount is valid only when the playback was purchased directly from the site, so it is important to make sure that you purchased the playback correctly from the appropriate source.

To pay for reuse through the site’s system, the following steps must be followed:

Log in to the site by logging in to your personal account on the site. The “My Account” button can be found at the bottom of the site on the main page.

Once connected, use the site’s search engine to find the playback you previously purchased and for which you want to pay for reuse.

Click on the playback details you want to pay for.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find text with a link to pay for reuse. The link will appear like this: “Attention! This link is only for reuse and not for downloading the playback itself. Click here to pay for reuse without downloading audio file ₪17.00”.

When following these steps, you can easily and conveniently pay for reuse through the system.

The following content constitutes a contract between the purchaser of the product (hereinafter: the “User”) and the “Varsano Playback Site” website (hereinafter: the “Site”), which is owned and managed by Joseph Varsano. By accessing and performing any action on the Site, it means that you

The purchaser of the product may receive updates from the site operators, but if he does not wish to receive updates, a notice must be sent to Yosef Varsano through the contact page at address and explicitly request his removal from the mailing list.

Joseph and Varsano are not responsible for delays or non-delivery caused by a malfunction of the server, the site or force majeure. It should also be taken into account that there is no obligation to provide a response at all times and at all times. In addition, if the purchase operation was performed during inactive hours of the help desk, the fault will be addressed only on the next date of resumption of call center activity.

The purchaser of the product is expected to perform binding legal actions and be qualified to do so. If he is under the age of 18 or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian, the use of the site will be considered as if he received the consent of the guardian.

Joseph Varsano may block the purchaser of the product from purchasing products on the site within the framework of the following cases:

The purchaser of the product committed an illegal act or violated the provisions of the law.

The purchaser of the product violated the terms and conditions.

The purchaser of the product provided at the time of registration or thereafter intentionally incorrect information.

The purchaser of the product has committed an act or omission that may harm Yosef Varsano, the proper operation of the site or any third party.

The purchaser of the product intends to resell the product or service to which he is entitled to a third party or to trade it in any way.

Joseph and Varsano are the sole deciders regarding the content of the site and reserve the exclusive right to add, remove or change products and services from the site, and change the prices of the products at any time without prior notice.

The purchaser of the product declares that he or anyone acting on his behalf has no claim or claim against Joseph Varsano, the owners, employees, site operators or any third party related to the site. The purchaser of the product exempts them from any liability for damage caused by the product or service, including origin, quality, use or non-delivery.

If there is a need for help, clarification or any demand, the purchaser of the product will contact the site operators through the contact page appearing on the site

Yosef Varsano will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to every inquiry, but he has no commitment regarding the response time to inquiries.

All rights reserved to Yosef Varsano. It is forbidden to photograph, copy, reproduce, record or make commercial use of the Content without the prior written permission of Joseph Varsano.

The regulations may be changed at any time by Joseph Varsano at his sole discretion.

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