Playback is really just the non-singing instrument that artists need to sing the melody to their song, or simply put, playback is the setting and envelope of the song that creates the right atmosphere by the arranger and producer of the song

It is used mainly in the field of entertainment and musical production. The playback production process consists of several different parts of instruments such as drums, bass, keyboards, violins and wind instruments and other instruments, each part of which combines to create the harmonious sound of the song. In this article, we will focus on the playback production process and the knowledge required for production in the studio.

The playback production process begins with the preparation stage, in which the different parts of the song are listened to and each instrument and the musical role it plays are separated. Technical knowledge of all the different musical instruments and how they are used is required. In order to produce professional playback, we need to understand the sounds required of each instrument and their musical role in the sound system.

Some musicians or producers write notes for each instrument and then go to the recording and playing to make a copy like the original

And there are musicians who simply remember each instrument part in the song and add notes according to their personal taste, which is not so identical to the original

The next stage is recording, in which the different parts of the playback must be integrated in the studio. Recording requires knowledge of how to record all musical instruments, the use of microphones and studio equipment is required to separate each part and maintain a precise match of the sounds.

After recording the parts, enter the editing and mixing stage, in which all the narration must be combined and the final picture of the playback must be created. Knowledge in the field of mixing and editing is essential at this stage, and includes an understanding of sound principles, frequency editing, volume editing and the ability to combine each part in the most professional and precise way.

After editing and mixing, we enter the mastering stage, where the final playback is prepared that will work as the sound of the show in the studio. Here you need to make further improvements to sound quality, combine additional effects and content, and make sure the playback is ready to use.

The playback production process requires technical knowledge and skills, professional ears and creative ability. With the required knowledge and musical skills, playback can be produced and played in a professional and spectacular manner, which will provide an amazing musical experience for entertainment and musical productions.

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